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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions About Membership

What exactly is a Chamber of Commerce?


Glad you asked!  We're an industry association; a group of businesses and individuals who leverage our combined strength to address common challenges while maintaining an open, fair and equitable marketplace.  Our Chamber focuses in two key areas - helping businesses build their capacity, and helping consumers identify businesses that can satisfy their needs and interests.


Can my business be a member of the Canandaigua Chamber of Commerce if it's located outside the city and town of Canandaigua?


Yes!  In fact, our membership spans six counties across the Finger Lakes.  Businesses and entrepreneurs choose our Chamber for high-quality professional development opportunities, access to decision-makers within Ontario and contiguous counties and the ability to participate in affordable, high-quality marketing programs targeted to consumers in the greater Canandaigua area.   


Can I be a member of more than one Chamber?


Yes!  In fact, we encourage it.  Chambers are non-governmental, not-for-profit entities, chartered to serve identified geographic, industry or cultural communities.  While many Chambers affiliate with state or national industry associations, most Chambers are governed and operated independently.


Is there a discount if we're a not-for-profit organization, or if we're an entirely volunteer-operated?


While all businesses abide by the same dues investment schedule, our not-for-profit members enjoy certain additional benefits and services at no extra cost.


Still have questions?  Send us an email or call 585.394.4400.  We'd love the chance to connect!

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