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Annual Dinner & Membership Meeting

Our Annual Membership Meeting brings together professional and community leaders from all over the region to celebrate a successful year and share the Chamber’s vision for the future.  In addition to a cocktail reception, sit-down dinner and a large silent auction, we present the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.  This event is customarily the 5th Friday of the new year.


Save the date for our 111th Annual Dinner & Membership Meeting: Friday, February 4, 2022.

110th Annual Dinner & Membership Meeting Recap

We hosted our 110th Annual Dinner and Membership Meeting on Friday, January 31, 2020 at Finger Lakes Community College.  Over 270 local business men and women gathered for the Annual Chamber Meeting and to honor the 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, Susanne Kennedy.

Christopher Hubler, outgoing president of our Board of Directors, opened the meeting with a year in review and presented the 2019 printed Annual Report.  Incoming Board President, Karen Dworaczyk, thanked Hubler for his leadership throughout 2019 by presenting him with the traditional gavel plaque for the outgoing board president, then shared lots of new and big plans for the upcoming 2020 year.

Jack Schuppenhauer, the 2018 Mr. Canandaigua Award Recipient, presented the highly anticipated Lifetime Achievement Award, filling in for last year’s recipient, Richard McGavern who was on a world-tour with his wife but sent his regards. We have been recognizing the talent, influence and impact of exceptional individuals since the first recipient was honored in 1960.  Since that time, 60 other men and women have been honored for their selfless investment in our community, long-known as “The Chosen Spot.”  They’re honored for accomplishing a lifetime full of extraordinary achievement.

Recipients live or work in our community and have demonstrated service to the people of Canandaigua, over and above what can be expected of one person, without expectation of financial gain.  Their contributions to Canandaigua are generous, meaningful and often made behind the scenes and without fanfare.

Each year, an anonymous panel of previous recipients, members of the community, sponsors, and members of our Chamber Board select the recipient from a pool of worthy and accomplished nominees.  Their work is not easy, they give selflessly of their time and talent for the benefit of others and our community.

The 2020 recipient, Susanne Kennedy, is a friend, a colleague and an inspiration to many.  A mother of two and influencer of countless others.  She has left her mark on the culture and operations of dozens of local and regional organizations including United Way of Ontario County, Granger Homestead, Ontario County Historical Society and Bristol Valley Theater.

She is a charter member of the local DAR and a longtime friend of FLCC.

Her nominator writes, “she uses her strengths in connecting, arranging and maximizing relationships between individuals and the community in meaningful ways…”

“I am most impressed with Susanne’s resilience and forward focus…”

“I have learned so much from this woman and what it means to ‘give back’…”

The honor roll of Susanne’s selfless investments includes:

  • Hospital Association of New York State
  • Seven Lakes Girl Scouts
  • MS Society
  • Youth Museum of the Finger Lakes
  • Ontario County Human Society
  • Rochester City Ballet
  • South Bristol Cultural Center
  • Cheshire Community Action Team…and the list continues.

Susanne Kennedy was presented the traditional silver bowl by the 2018 Mr. Canandaigua recipient, Jack Schuppenhauer, and proclamations adopted by Congressman Tom Reed, Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb, and Senator Pam Helming.

Lifetime Achievement Recipients

Susanne Kennedy 2020 LAA
2020: Susanne Kennedy
Dick McGavern 2019
2019: Richard McGavern
Jack Schuppenhauer 2018
2018: John A. "Jack" Schuppenhauer
Byron Delavan 2017
2017: Byron Delavan*
Jack Moran 2016
2016: Jack Moran
Benedict Gullo 2015
2015: Benedict Gullo
Ellie Fralick Mrs. Canandaigua, 2014
2014: Ellie Fralick
Richard Sands 2013
2013:  Richard Sands
Linda Farchione Hawks 2012
2012:  Linda Farchione Hawks
Ralph Calabrese 2011
2011: Ralph Calabrese
Randall Farnsworth 2010
2010: Randall Farnsworth
Robert G Sheridan 2009
2009: Robert G. Sheridan
William B Rayburn 2008
2008: William B. Rayburn
Earl Coleates 2007
2007: Earl Coleates*
Ellen Polimeni 2006
2006: Ellen Polimeni
Jane Jewett Stickler 2005
2005: Jane Stickler*
Clifford E Murphy, Jr. 2004
2004: Clifford E. "Bob" Murphy, Jr.
Frederick W Sarkis 2003
2003:  Fred W. Sarkis
Richard Hawks, Jr.2002
2002: Richard Hawks, Jr.
Richard W Appel 2001
2001: Richard W. Appel
Carloine Delavan 2000
2000: Caroline A. Delavan
Paul R Kellogg 1999
1999: Paul Kellogg
Honorable Joseph Cribb 1998
1998: Judge Joseph Cribb*
Frieda O'Hanlon 1997
1997: Frieda O'Hanlon
George W Hamlin IV 1996
1996: George W. Hamlin IV
James Holden 1995
1995: James Holden*
Buddy Rockmaker 1994
1994: Buddy Rockmaker*
Tarry Shipley 1993
1993: Tarry Shipley
Joseph Delforte 1992
1992: Joseph Delforte*
James Doran 1991
1991: Janes Doran
Bernard Hagerman 1990
1990: Bernard Hagerman*
Robert Craugh 1989
1989: Robert Craugh*
Marvin A Rapp 1988
1988: Marvin A. Rapp*
Richard E Ogden 1987
1987: Richard E. Ogden*
George W Ewing, Sr. 1986
1986: George M. Ewing, Sr.*
Alton U Farnsworth 1985
1985: Alton U. Farnsworth*
Ella Dunham 1984
1984: Ella Dunham*
Bruce M Kennedy 1983
1983: Bruce M. Kennedy
Marvin Sands 1982
1982: Marvin L. Sands*
Anthony M Symigs 1981
1981: Anthony M. Symigs*
William J Mitchell 1980
1980: William J. Mitchell*
Louis M Kiesewetter 1979
1979: Louis M. Kiesewetter
James F Kellogg 1978
1978: James F. Kellogg*
Rose Comella 1977
1977: Rose Comella*
Richard H. Hawks, Sr.1976
1976: Richard H Hawks, Sr.*
Isobel S Sainsbury 1975
1975: Isobel S. Sainsbury*
George G Hayes 1974
1974: George G. Hayes*
Arthur S Hamlin 1973
1973: Arthur S. Hamlin*
Lester A Boyce 1972
1972: Lester A. Boyce*
T Hamilton Kennedy 1971
1971: T. Hamilton Kennedy*
Frank A Baker 1970
1970: Frank A. Baker*
Herbert J Ellis 1969
1969: Herbert J. Ellis*
Robert A Hoekelman 1968
1968: Robert A. Hoekelman
Collins W Carpenter 1967
1967: Collins W. Carpenter*
Albert A Moore 1966
1966: Albert A. Moore*
Walter C. Benham 1965
1965: Walter C. Benham*
Arthur R. Munson 1964
1964: Arthur R. Munson*
Burrall S Case 1963
1963: Burrall S. Case*
Howard J Samuels 1962
1962: Howard J. Samuels*
William W. Muar 1961
1961: William W. Muar*
Raymond A Lake 1960
1960: Raymond A. Lake*
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