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Automatic Billing

Interested in setting up automatic monthly payments?  See instructions below.

Setting up Monthly Payments

Setting up automatic monthly payments is simple and can help normalize cash flow throughout the year.  In order to set up these payments, you will need your login information to our web portal.  If you don't have login information or forgot your login information, email and we will have the system send you an email to set up your credentials.

Once you have logged into the website, scroll down and view the video below.  Once your payment profile is set up, we can take care of the rest.

Special circumstances: if you are not setting up monthly payments in the same month that your membership renewed (i.e. you are renewing a month or more late), you will be charged a prorated membership rate to change your renewal month to the current month, and then we can set up automatic payments.

Any questions, contact Chris Cole at

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